Coffee Making


Standard espresso is 9g of freshly ground coffee extracted to 25-30 seconds. This is the heart of every espresso based drink. A perfect espresso always has a 5mm hazel ‘crema’.


Macchiato is an espresso that has a dash of milk or dense froth added. If the froth is carefully added into the centre of the espresso, the milk will separate from the from the form a layer on top of the espresso.

Long Black

Fill a cappuccino cup with 1/3 of hot water and run a double hand into the cup. This guarantees the full flavour of the coffee.


Consists of espresso, milk and froth. Milk should be steamed and poured to 65C – 70C with a texture of fine, dense, bubbles. Pour to create a slight dome. Milk will drop out of the foam to give the perfect balance of milk and espresso in a cup. Duct lightly with chocolate powder.

Caffe Latte

Served in a glass, espresso with steamed milk added. Poured carefully to ensure a 1cm head of froth.

Flat White

An espresso with hot milk added. Milk should be steamed and poured at 65C – 70C with a thin layer of foam.