Capsule Flavour Guide


This blend is perfect for those who crave a rich, full-bodied coffee with an intense aroma.

Map Extra Strong Roast delivers the power of African Robusta beans, balanced by the subtle qualities of South American Arabica beans, to create a potent depth of flavour.


This full-bodied and powerful blend delivers a consistently rich coffee with lingering fruity notes and a touch of acidity for long-lasting coffee satisfaction. Fall in love with the aroma and and taste of Map Strong Roast.



Map Medium Roast is a smooth, sweet espresso, loaded with flavour for a coffee that's full of complexity and depth.

Map Medium Roast features the delicate profile of Arabica beans sourced from Brazil and Columbia paired with Indian Robusta for body and depth.


A smooth espresso mixed with a chocolate flavour infusion. Contains no sugar and nothing artificial - just coffee and natural chocolate flavour. Add milk as needed and you can enjoy a café quality cappuccino at home.